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$76,250 in prizes

Most Technically Complex Hack

Tickets + flights to a tech conference.

Most Creative Hack

Personalized oil paintings.

Greatest Impact Hack

Polaroid snap touch cameras.

Best Hardware Hacks (Top 3 Teams)

Physical hardware from the TreeHacks selection, including Particle Electron, Kinects, Arduinos, etc.

People's Choice!

Legos, books, and Stanford gear

Health Grand Prize

Large Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate & Fitness Wristband for each member.

Energy Grand Prize

Passes to E-Capital Summit and Passes to select EARTHx Conferences.

Automatic acceptance and all expenses paid travel to EARTHxHack in Dallas, TX for each member of the winning team.
Friday accommodation in EARTHxHack Hacker House.

Security Grand Prize

No more quadcopters or hexacopters - win bionic flapping bird drones!

Best Data Science in Health Field Hack

$100 Amazon gift cards for every member on the team.

TomKat Prize for Sustainability

Best project for sustainability, energy, or climate change.
Airpods for each member of the winning team.

TomKat Prize for Sustainability Runner Ups (2)

Amazon Echo (gen2) for each member of the two runner up teams.

STEM Inc Energy Prize

Forecast energy consumption and simulate energy storage activity using machine learning algorithms and external APIs to reduce energy bills through peak shaving. $100 Visa Gift Cards for each member of the winning team.


RhoAI Energy Prize

Identify one or more areas with a lot of needless energy waste in a typical household. Create a tool (or tools) to reduce that energy waste. $125 Amazon gift cards for each member of the winning team.

(Dataset listed below—projects need not be limited to data science)

Best application of Birksun Bags in a Social Community App

Challenge Details here:

Custom Treehacks Solar backpacks for each member.

Best Machine Learning Hack (DRW)

Best use of large dataset, bonus for public financial dataset. Prize: Amazon spot and FPGA board for every team member.

Most Interdisciplinary Hack (Carbon Inc)

Custom 3D printed part for each winner.

Best Voice Experience Using Amazon Alexa (Amazon) - 1st place

Echo spot for each team member

Best Voice Experience Using Amazon Alexa (Amazon) - 2nd place

Echo dot for each team member.

Best Hack Using mLab (mLab)

Drone with HD camera.

Best AR App Using Navisens (Navisens)

Google Home Mini for each team member, subscription to Navisens enterprise.

Best User Interface (Balsamiq)

1-year extended trial of Mockups 3 for Desktop.

Best hack using Marvel API and a TreeHacks vertical (Disney)

R2D2 droids for each team member!

Best overall integration and use of Microsoft technology(s) (Microsoft)

Eligible technologies: Microsoft Azure, Windows 10 App, Kinect, Microsoft HoloLens, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Bing API.

Prize: Surface Pro.

Runner up integration and use of Microsoft technology(s) (Microsoft)

Razor E200 scooters.

Best Use of Watson (IBM)

$500/month (12 month) in credits for IBM Cloud.

Best Live Video App using TokBox APIs (TokBox)

$250 for team in Amazon Gift Cards + $50 TokBox credits per team member.

Runner up Live Video App using TokBox APIs (TokBox)

$50 TokBox credits per team member.

Best FinTech idea (Arbor Ventures)

$500 gift card for each participant, potential internship at Arbor.

Best Use of Stdlib (Stdlib)

Nintendo Switch Console for each team member!

Best Use of Expo (Expo)

Nintendo Switch consoles!

Best Use of Marvel Comics API + TreeHacks Vertical (Disney)

Disney park tickets, VIP experience!

Best Houndified Solution (SoundHound)

$1000 to be split among the winning team

2nd Place Best Houndified Solution (SoundHound)

$500 to be split among the runner up

3rd Place Best Houndified Solution (SoundHound)

$250 to be split among the 3rd place team

Best Use of Google Cloud Platform or Firebase (Google)

Google Home Mini and Chromecast for each team member!

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 AWS Credit

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essentials Kit

Best Mobile AR Hack

Build the best Augmented Reality app using 8th Wall to win a Corsair Strafe - mechanical keyboard - for each member of the winning team. Visit the Beyond One Booth to learn more!

Best Genomics Hack (Illumina)

DNA sequencing kits for winning team

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Melissa Guzy

Melissa Guzy
Founder, Arbor Ventures

Bogdan Cocosel

Bogdan Cocosel
Founder, Tensyr

Andrej Karpathy

Andrej Karpathy
Director of AI, Tesla

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    We want you to create projects that make you say “wow” and tell all your friends about it. We're looking for projects that think so far outside the box that you begin to wonder why there was a box at all in the first place.
  • Social Impact
    Treehacks has been organized around the our 3 verticals - humanity's 3 most pressing areas of concern. We're looking for hacks that seem crazy, the moonshots that seem out of this world, and the blueprints for change that will impact future generations.
  • Technical Complexity
    We look forward to you building projects with remarkably complex infrastructures built on excitingly advanced frameworks. Use your technical expertise to make hacks that are running beautiful code or hardware.

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